What is this Slug is Doug?

“So just what the hell is this Slug is Doug?” You may well ask.

Well, I am not sure yet.  I am going to try my hand at blogging – again.

I had a blog for my wedding that helped everyone to keep up to date on what we were doing and to get information out that we didn’t have available for people at the time of sending out the invitations.  That was all well and good but not a very entertaining site. It was also a site where my wife and I were the publishers.  That meant that whatever I wrote had to go by her eyes before it got published.  This meant that a lot of things never got published because she either disagreed with what I wrote, felt it was not proper material for a wedding blog or gave too much information in general.  You see, she is a very private person and for good reason.  She is, afterall, a teacher and must keep a bit of a low profile on the internet so that the students and their parents don’t see too much of her private life.  Some things, however benign, may come back to haunt her in some way so best to keep quiet.  As for me, I am a bit more open and have no problem with you knowing all about me (mostly).

Here enters slugisdoug.com.

I am now a website and a dot com.  I have registered the domain and everything.  Now, with the help of Ross over at hover.com I am going to figure out this whole domain ownership and blogging thing.

I’m going to keep this first post short and do some tinkering and I’ll be back with more content soon.

I’ll answer the questions that I just know you are asking like, “What is with this ‘Slug’ stuff and why can’t you just let it go?” — I hope.  —EDIT: Answered here LINK


2 comments on “What is this Slug is Doug?

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. My advice: be more like Mike and less like me – write a little something every day, it’s easier to keep up the habit that way.

    Once you get into a bit of a spell where you have been away from it for a while, it becomes harder and harder to go back.

    Anyway, looking forward to adding you to my reading list (and blogroll).

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