Stephen Harper must go!

In just over one hour from the time of me writing this post, it is expected that Stephen Harper will ask our Govenor General, Michaëlle Jean to delay the sitting of parliament until late January 2009.  This is the equivalent to him asking for a time out in some sort of schoolyard game.  The only problem is that this is no schoolyard game. The country, as is much of the world, is in a financial crisis.  Any delay in governmental response, or actions to aid the country in its time of need is utterly irresponsible. A cooperative coalition of parties that seem to want to work together setting aside political ideologies for the time and come to the aid of the country that they serve seems more Canadian and democratic to me than calling a ‘time out’ at the time that your country needs you the most.

Yer in the game Mr. Harper and you have gone into the corner after the puck after attempting to throw a knee on another player. The defenceman are comming after you.  You are gonna get crunched. Take your licks, go to the bench and tend to your wounds like a man.  Don’t be a dick. I’m with Junior over at HiR:tb over this.  Stephen Harper must Go!

More later perhaps.


It is later.  Canada’s current session of Parliament has been postponed until January 26, 2009.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, a government that does NOT have the support of the majority of Canadians, has denied my voice to be heard in the house of Commons.  My voice, as heard through the member of parliament that was elected in my riding by me and my fellow constituents.

The House of Commons is so-called because it represents the voice of the Commons; the ‘common’ people. Me and you, my fellow Canadians. To deny the common voice to be heard is a travesty of our system of government. Mr. Harper has, in essence, locked the doors of parliament to avoid hearing the voice of the common people. If this were a game of road hockey, he’d be the jerk kid that grabs the ball and one of the nets and sulks off home to cry to his mother that the others are not playing nice.  Dick.

In the next seven weeks we can look forward to attack ads, most likely on both sides, defending each party’s decisions and in essence campaigning for an upcoming election.  This means further delays in the business of the government getting things done.  Business that is now, more than ever, needed to be done.  We now have more uncertainty and instability in our government and this will translate as a further and faster decline of our economy.  A serious shot in the pills.

I’m not usually a political person.  I vote in every election and I do have my views, but I am willing to let the other voices that do not share my views speak.  I have faith that our system works most of the time and that whichever party is in power can never get away with anything too nasty.  I have faith that, come January, Mr. Harper will get his come uppance and be removed from the office of the Prime Minister of Canada.  I fear, however, that this will be at the price of thousands of jobs and lost homes across the country.  I fear that it will be too late.

Now, I’m off to go look for a job myself.


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