The Website is Down

So, I’ve been thinking that I might want to change careers.  The film industry in Toronto right now is a little bit too unstable for me right now. This is especially true now that I am married and planning on having a family some day.  Stability seems to be the key checkbox that needs to be checked when I start thinking of work.  I am still undecided on what the change will be.  I may remain in the design/architecture realm.  I may go outside into programming or IT.  I am unsure.

What I am sure of is that I love this video. (click on videos)  It makes me laugh so very hard and makes me wonder if I actually want to venture into the IT world.  Regardless, it is very funny.  The video has some swearing in it and some adult content so you are warned.  The site also has a section called UNIX that you acces by clicking on the computer with the UNIX label.  Here you need to do some simple UNIX codes to access some other fun and interesting easter eggs. You can keep track of the eggs that you have found by clicking on the LOOT or NEW LOOT computer icon at the top of the page.  I was able to get all of the loot in about an hour or so after brushing up on my rudimentary UNIX commands.  I had to think way back to 1993 when I first started using the UNIX engineering workstations at University to access my email account. That seems like so long ago and yet not so long ago at the same time.

Some of my favourite lines:

“How many times did you reboot it?”

“Hey Nancy, is your web working?”

“I LITERALLY have the mayor breathing down my neck” “LITERALLY”

WEB GUY:”What’s your password?”  SALES GUY: “It’s just the letter ‘a’.”

and the best one.

“You can’t arrange ’em by penis.”

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3 comments on “The Website is Down


    There used to be this website where some dude who worked as a supervisor of an incompetent IT help guy posted this joker’s “adventures”. It was hilarious. I can’t find it, my Google skillz suck too much.

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