A Morning Treat: make it for a loved one

This is going to be a short post because I have all kinds of grocery and Christmas shopping to do.  I felt it was my duty, though, as a good husband, to share with the rest of the world (all of you other husbands take note) the recipe for the best French Toast that I have had in a long time (excluding a trip to the Athlone Inn whose apple and brie stuffed french toast I am still trying to perfect).  Men, do yourself a favour and get up early one morning soon while your loved one is still asleep and make this for her.  Make sure that you use real Maple Syrup though!  Don’t ruin it with that Mrs. Butterworth’s crap.  Keep the corn syrup away.  This delicious morning delight requires real 100% Canadian  Maple Syrup.  Chose your grade but I recommend good old #1 Grade A Light. ‘Nuff said.  I Stumbled upon this recipe during the summer and just got around to trying it out on Sunday.  It is a winner and the key is in the technique.  Once this simple breakfast treat is easily mastered, the next step is to start experimenting stuffing the bread with different sweet and savory additions.  Good luck and enjoy.

Originally posted on the Food Wishes Blog:

The main difference is the bread is sliced thicker, it’s soaked in a custard batter (really, really soaked), and then after being brown slightly in a pan, it’s baked.

Here is a link to the post, the recipe and the quick video: LINK


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