Not dead… yet.

I just have time for a quick post tonight.  I have finally returned back to work after 6 months of waiting for a show to come to town and give me a call.  The film business in Toronto is starting to pick up despite the pinheads at SAG’s best efforts to totally ruin the movie industry.  I am not at liberty to talk too much about the project because I have to respect the confidentiality agreement that I signed.  What I am able to say is that it is a pilot for a show on ABC and we have little time to prepare and shoot.  We start filming in a couple weeks and need to do a lot of work to get the sets ready.  We have a couple to build and many locations to install small things, paint and redress.  So, I have been very busy at work putting in 12 hour days, six a week.  It is surprising how different it feels to put these type of long days in now that I am married.  It feels very wrong to not be home for dinner with T.  We are still adjusting to the timing and will get used to it just in time for the show to come to an end.

It looks like things in Toronto are set to pick up again which is good news.  The bad news is that even though we now have new studio space and production office space in town, some of the old spaces have closed or have been demolished leaving us woefully short of studio space yet again!  Productions wanting to come here can’t book any studios or offices so they are going to go somewhere else.  This is bad.

I’ll be on this shoot for another couple of weeks and then hopefully on to another as things start to show up.

T. has taken over the cooking of dinner and I am very glad of that.  I was feeling guilty making her wait until I got home to eat and encouraged her to eat without me.  While it is not what we like to do, I would rather that she were not going hungry waiting for me. It may be only for a short time, but it already seems like forever since we sat and ate together.  I miss it.  What is harder is that I get home at about 8 o’clock and she goes to bed at around 9 o’clock so that she can be well rested and up at 5am.  Weekends are going to have to be full of serious quality time but I am working Saturdays too.  And Sunday is the day when we do the shopping, cleaning and planning for the week ahead otherwise we’d be pooched for lunches, dinner etc. I don’t know how busy power couples do it.  I think I enjoyed being the house husband.

Sleep beckons.  I hope I can write more later.


2 comments on “Not dead… yet.

  1. Good newses on the subject of your former indolence. Glad to hear things are – somewhat – looking up in the biz.

    It’s tough when things get crazy busy, but remember to take a little time for yourselves at some point.

  2. Funny how things feel so polarized right now: while we’re busy out of our minds at work, two people in my immediate family have been laid off and there’s still a vague threat hanging over theVet regarding cutting back hours. I would gladly send hours of work to folks I know deserve them but it doesn’t seem to work that way, alas.

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