Good Listening

I regularly listen to many podcasts.  I just finished listening to the most recent “The Sound of Young America” (link).  The guest was writer Steven Johnson. His most recent book sounds very interesting and so do his others. I have really grown to love books about science and its history.  I also really like any scientific-history based novels. (eg. The Baroque Trilogy, Cryptonomicon, Mason & Dixon)

I encourage you to listen to the interview. link

Also, here are some other great podcasts.

You Look Nice Today

Jordan Jesse Go

This Week in Tech

Windows Weekly

MacBreak Weekly

Car Talk

What podcasts do you listen to? Leave a link in the comments below.  I am always looking for something new to listen to while working away.


2 comments on “Good Listening

  1. I listen to the B.S. Report, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons’ musings on sports and popular culture, and – I admit it, I’m old – The Vinyl Cafe.

    I was very excited earlier this year to find a podcast hosted by Lewis Lapham, but Lewis is a much better writer than he is a one-to-one interviewer and host – that show was, sadly, deadly boring.

    Also on my list: Ricky Gervais’ podcasts and my weekly dose of TWiT.

  2. It’s not a podcast — or a novel, for that matter — but I couldn’t tear myself away from Shadow Divers, a book I’d selected for a weeklong trip and greedily devoured in an afternoon or two instead.

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