A Growing Hobby

I have decided to plant my own vegetable garden this year. My mother has quite the green thumb and, thanks to many telephone calls to her, she has helped me to decide on how to get started. I am going to start small. It will only be 4 feet by 4 feet. I am going to follow the advice of Mel Bartholomew and his Square Foot Gardening Techniques. You can expect to see regular updates over the spring and summer on the conditions of the garden and my adventures and harvests.

On the weekend, I planted some seeds in my first attempt ever to grow plants from seed.

I planted:

    4 tomato seeds
    8 basil seeds
    8 parsley seeds
    2 pepper seeds

I am hoping for a 50% germination rate on the seeds. The Square Foot Gardening Book recommends only planting one or 2 seeds per desired number of plants instead of the higher numbers of traditional gardening techniques where you end up thinning the plants out in the end and wasting time, money and seeds. This first assumes that you can germinate seeds properly. I am hoping that I have success on my first try.

The results are encouraging so far. For today, I have photographic evidence of the first signs of germination of at least 4 if not 5 of my basil seeds! I am very excited and impressed that they have started after only 2 and a half days. I am now anxiously awaiting signs of life from the others.

The Future Crop
3 Little Basil Sprouts
The Set Up

My next project is getting some chain so that I can hang the grow light closer to the plants. Most of the information that I have been able to gather on the interwebs suggests that the light be within 4 to 8 inches of the young plants. Mine is currently around 24 to 36 inches from the plants. With my summer harvest depending on so few starter plants I want to make sure that I give those little fellas a decent chance.

I am also going to get some 2 x 6 lumber (hopefully free from the guys at the carpentry shop) and make my frames this weekend so that I can put some soil in and get them ready for planting on the May long weekend. I like building things. Break out the power tools! (Insert manly grunting noise here)


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