On Q

It has been quite a while since I have written anything here.  It seems to be a fraternal trait.

Things are progressing on the garden front and I will have a special post soon regarding its progress.

Last night I barbecued for the first time in 2009.  I would say that it was a success.  T. may have had to wait a little extra-long for her dinner but I think that she would argue it as a success was well.

After quickly cleaning the BBQ and realizing that it needs a serious tune up, if not replacing, I was able to start preparing dinner.

On the menu:

Rob Rainford my be a little annoying on Licence to Grill but he has some damn fine recipes and these ones did not disappoint.

I had a little trouble with my smoke pack though.  I placed the packet directly on the burner and ended up burning holes through two of the aluminum foil packets.  I guess that the propane flame generates enough heat to melt through the thin aluminum. I used dry wood pellets (they say no soaking needed on the package) instead of half soaked and half dry wood chips and this may have been the problem.  I figure that the wet wood chips offer enough cooling power on the aluminum foil to keep it from burning through.  In the end I was able to get it to work by making triple layer packets but I will need to change my methods next time.  Perhaps chips are the way to go. Perhaps I can soak some to the pellets.  Perhaps I can put down a pie plate between  smoke packet and flame.   The other minor issue that I had was keeping the temperature of the BBQ at the low 220F that the recipe called for.  Even on the low setting of my Q it was a little too hot.  I could only get it to stay as low as 260 or so but It turned out okay in the end.  I may be able to get better control with a good venturi tube cleaning and a bit if fine tuning.  Or I could just get myself  one of these electric bad boys!   But really I want a Big Green Egg.

On the garden front, things are going well there and the seedlings are progressing. I now have to get the actual garden ready to plant.  That is what I was doing on Saturday and will be continuing today.  There will be a full special update here soon so stay tuned.


6 comments on “On Q

  1. Dude, i have the same problem with keeping the heat low when smoking on the propane grill. i’ve found that by closing the lid on the tongs, i’ve been able to let some heat escape, but keep alot of smoke still rolling around under the lid.
    keep up the good work.

  2. As I understand it, the Weber charcoal partisans like to point out that the more oxygen you feed the fire, the hotter it burns — hence the predilection for the old Bar-B-Kettles, which feature three independent rotary vents on the bottom, instead of the snazzy One-Touch series, which run a lever and blades combination.

    I like the idea of practice and improving my grill skills, but lack the discipline to execute — that and putting any meat over a fire turns out pretty well.

  3. http://www.bbqs.com/accessories-smoker-boxes-c-16_48.html

    i’m putting this on my birthday list. i have a metal smoker box but it hasn’t stood up too well to the heat (better than tin foil however). I believe this great cast iron little number will do the trick and last forever if oiled and treated well. All for just 14.99 plus tax!
    if pre heated before adding the dry/wet chips i’m sure getting it up to smoke will be a snap.

  4. That looks like a nice solution to the smoker pack problem. I have even seen little crucible type containers that have a small hole on top that allows the smoke out. It is now on my birthday wish list too!

  5. In the most recent basement cleanout I found one of those metal smoker boxes and put it with my bbq paraphanalia. When you come to collect your compressor and nailer, I will give it to you as my “rent”money for the equipment. Sound fair? I only used it once but I had no patience to wait for all the smoking to do its stuff. By the time I put the meat on the grill, I was already hungry!

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