Local Hero

Ross at the Sebring24 in February

Ross at the Sebring24 in February

I just wanted to take a moment to mention someone who’s drive, courage, ambition and selflessness I admire.  His name is Ross Rader.  He is a friend of mine who is, once again, doing something amazing.  On Friday, May 8, 2009 Ross will be attempting to cycle solo from Ottawa to Windsor in 36 hours  to break the world record for crossing Ontario.  So you don’t have to look it up on Google, that is 775 Km!  He is doing this to raise awareness and donations for the childhood cancer charity Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.

This is not Ross’s first long ride on a bike.  Last year, he and a team of 49 other cyclists and a crew of 45 cycled across Canada in just 19 days in the Sears National Kid’s Cancer Ride.  He has also competed in other long distance endurance events including the Bike Sebring 24 Hour event,  his longest solo ride yet at 621 Km in 24 hours. This ride will be longer with more hills and, according to the forecast, more weather; a bit windy, wet and chilly. Ross is not letting this bother him.  He figures that the mental and physical challenges that he will suffer, pale in comparison to a child being diagnosed with cancer.  He is willing to do what he loves to do to keep another kid from hearing that he has cancer.

Ross on beach in Halifax at the finish of 2008 SNKCR

Ross on beach in Halifax at the finish of 2008 SNKCR

I am very proud to know Ross and to call him my friend.  I hope that you will take a moment to visit his site and his blog and consider making a donation to support him.  This is no small feat that Ross is attempting and he has my best wishes, support and respect (for what it’s worth).

Good Luck Ross!


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