UltraRader the UltraRider

Last night we waited for Ross as he tore up the roads of Ontario in his quest to break the Cross Ontario solo cycling record.  We were camped out in front of some houses at the corner of King Rd. and Charles St.,just west of Keele St. in King City, Ontario. This was around the 382 km mark of his 775 km journey.  We got there a bit early and had some fun waiting for him.  Then finally we saw the light of his bike and his support vehicle as he came down the hill and back up toward us.  We expected him to just keep pedaling by but he stopped for a few moments to say hello and tell us that he was doing well.  He looked strong, confident, in good spirits and like a man determined to achieve his goals. Then, quick as he appeared, he was off into the night pedaling his way into the record books. Next stop Windsor! Go Ross Go!

Here is the video of our view of his great accomplishment.  Please don’t forget to donate if you haven’t already.


4 comments on “UltraRader the UltraRider

  1. Thank you for posting the video. We can’t hear it (no speakers here), but it was great to get to see him. See you when the hero comes home. 🙂 xo

  2. you guys are so awesome to go out and support him like that…got me all choked up. go ross go!

  3. I am impressed – no, astounded! – at the mental toughness this young man must possess. Forget the physical endurance (if one can), but how does one focus on the monumental task at hand (and ignore any complaints from the body) for such an extended period in extreme weather conditions and keep such a winning attitude? The video you posted after 16 hours of cycling showed him fresh as a daisy – out for a ride in the park! The blog photos of him at the finish show him relaxed and unaffected by the physical and mental impact on him of the past 35 hours. Unbelievable! Wow! A truly exceptional person.
    Thanks for introducing us via the web to such a fine young man. We were very pleased to make our donation on his behalf.
    We were also taken by the interest and dedication of all his friends in seeing him successfully complete his quest. You are all to be commended as true friends as well! Mom and I followed the blog for the last 100 km and enjoyed reading the encouragement offered and the enthusiasm shown by all his friends. Kudos to you all for caring as much as you do!

  4. Awesome accomplishment. Donation earned, donation made! Good on you guys to go support your buddy, and what an incredible thing that he had the ability to stop and chat then start right back up again. Fantastic.

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