He Did It!

Ross paused for us on his Ride

Ross Rader: Cross Ontario Record Holder

Congratulations are in order for Ross Rader and his awesome achievement of setting the record for cycling solo across Ontario.  He pedaled his way into the record books after leaving Parliament Hill in Ottawa at 7:15 Friday morning and arriving at Windsor City Hall at 6:12 Saturday evening. That is 34 hours and 57 minutes and breaks the previous record ( held by Ron Dossenbach of Windsor) by 42 minutes.

Not only did Ross have to battle the awesome physical requirement of pedaling over the long 775 km distance, but he did it with no breaks for sleep.  What’s more, on his journey, Ross had to pass through some very nasty weather.  When we saw him at the half-way point on Friday night, he had already ridden through rain and hail in the Peterborough area and battled winds along the way.  Over Friday night he was faced with rain and wind as the rest of us slept calmly and comfortably in bed at home. On Saturday morning, he faced more challenging weather and steady headwinds of 30+ km/h as he continued pushing to his goal; strong, focused and determined.

Encouraging Ross online Saturday.

Encouraging Ross online Saturday.

At home and on computers all around Ontario and the GTA, many of us were desperately watching ultrarider.ca as the updates from Ross’s crew informed us of his progress.  I imagine we were all fevereshly clicking reload,  pressing F5 or clicking on the ultrarider banner to get the latest update.  The comment section of each posting served as a soundboard for those of us watching. There was a steady stream of encouragements for Ross as well as updates from those in contact with the crew in other ways.  There were even a few comments about impending peeing of pants due to the excietment.

When we got the official news that Ross had completed his journey, the site was flooded with congratulations.  I swear that I could hear the cheers of excitement coming from all over Canada and the U.S. , even over my own loud cheering.

Ross is an inspiration to us all and he has captured the hearts and imaginations of many through his determination, training, dedication and action.  I can’t wait to shake his hand to congratulate him personally on this great achievement.

Congratulations Ross!  I am sure that Amanda is glad to have you all to herself for a little while before you move on to your next big ride, whatever that may be.

Read the coverage of Ross’s journey on Ross’s blog where he will also be posting a recap once he has had some much needed sleep.

I would also like to thank everyone for coming by and visiting slugisdoug.  Saturday saw the most views ever in my little corner of the internets and was quite thrilling. Now I need to find content that is as compelling as Ross’s story. It’s gonna be tough!

2 comments on “He Did It!

  1. Dude, lucky for you he smashed the old record. Imagine how you’d feel if he missed breaking the mark by a minute or so – knowing that he stopped to say hi to you guys and everything. I’d be bummed out, is all I’m sayin’.

    Good job, Ross – way to bail my brother out, eh?

  2. That is incredibly impressive — he was gaining more than a second on the old record for every minute ridden. As someone who putters about the seven-mile round-trip from home to carpool spot and back most days on a bicycle, wheezing and gasping most of the way (and passed by everyone, to boot, from cars to pedestrians, it seems), I bow my head.

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