SlugisDoug episode 1: Inspired by a Dude

Direct Link to mp3

Inspired by various podcasts and especially by Scarborough Dude over at, I am going to do this blog post as an audio entry.  I will refrain from calling it a podcast until I decide if I am going to continue the format. So, instead of reading my nonsense, spend 53 minutes or so with me as I talk for a bit and then play some music, then talk a bit more and play some more music etc…

Some of the stuff I talk about:


  • Telephone Line – ELO – Flashback
  • I’m the Coolest – Alice Cooper – Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
  • Garden of Earthy Delights – XTC – Oranges and Lemons
  • Come On – phon – beatles are dead

comments are welcome.

5 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 1: Inspired by a Dude

  1. Dude, I enjoyed the podcast/audio post/whatever. You are going to have some ‘splaining to do about Mrs. Ferguson when Mom listens! I quite liked it, actually – did you say you have copies of those old tapes?

    Been a long time since I heard “I Am The Coolest”, but still knew every lick in that tune. I would suggest a little discussion surrounding the reason you chose each tune – and yes, I realize that would require you to make those choices ahead of recording time.

    Good 1st effort; don’t make me wait too long for #2…

  2. I’m already thinking of #2 (episode, not the other number two!)
    I seem to remember Dad giving me a copy of some of the old tapes that we did as kids. I’ll have to have a look to see if I can find them. I think that it would be great to digitize them as well as “Elevator to Heaven” and put together a compilation even if we could find Dad’s and Grandpa’s old tapes it would be kind of a neat project worthy of the internets and even the Internet Archive. hmmmm.

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  4. When I was six or seven, I found an old Sony cassette recorder my parents had bought, and spent the next six months recording my every passing thought — it took that long to fill up both sides of a C-60 tape. I suspect I was entranced with the mechanics of it: watching the spools whirl, watching the needle jump to my command.

    Loved #1, waiting eagerly for the next.

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