SlugisDoug Episode 2: All Lost In the Supermarket

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You waited patiently for a week and now your patience will be “rewarded”.  I present to you episode 2 of the, now officially a podcast, SlugisDoug podcast.

In this, his sophomore effort, Doug takes you along with him as he makes a trip to the supermarket.  There are some thank you’s; an apology to Montreal; insight on the SlugisDoug concept; some rambling stories; a bit of thinking aloud and of course some music. Junior from Heroes in Rehab: The Blog makes an appearance. Plus, we find out what Doug had for Breakfast and what he is having for lunch!

All in a 54 minute package.

For you listening pleasure:

  • Lost in the Supermarket – The Clash – London Calling
  • Cats, Dogs and Babies Jaws – Ganger – Hammock Style
  • Light Enough to Travel – The Be Good Tanyas – Blue Horse

Links for this show:

Thanks for listening. Thanks for all the support and comments.



4 comments on “SlugisDoug Episode 2: All Lost In the Supermarket

  1. Episode #2 may be your sophomore effort, but it’s far from sophomoric. I’ll have more to say about this later, but you’re hitting your stride here. Technically, the show is put together well (LOVED the new intro, and your new recording gizmo seems to do a nice job – the background sound of your car as you’re driving is kind of soothing in a weird way), the music was terrific (and all new to me, which I especially enjoy) and your content, especially the apology to Montreal and your exposition of the genesis of Slug is Doug was truly compelling listening. Very thoughtful, self-aware and more than a little courageous, I would say. Good on you.

    Also, I had forgotten you were a trombone player – and you guys have to come try the eggs benny at the Brown Dog Coffee shop in St. George; it takes them like twenty minutes to make each one, but it is SO WORTH the wait.

    As for my debut in the world of podcasting – let the record reflect that within ten seconds of my voice being heard, I was making a doody joke.

  2. Enjoyed your podcasts last night. If I may suggest, you could break them down into say 10 minute segments so they could be listened to more conveniently. At least it would be nice if there was an ability to stop the podcast and then resume from where you left off at a later time. Maybe this can be done now but, if so, I don’t know how! It’s hard to find an hour straight thru’ to listen to them. Last night I multi-tasked by watching the hockey game on “mute” and listening to your podcast at the same time!
    Also, future podcast ideas are a tour/review of your favorite shops in the St. Lawrence Market and restaurant reviews/critiques after you have been out to dinner. It’s always nice to discover new shops and restaurants that are unique and offer good value.
    Anyway, enjoyed your first efforts and look forward to future editions. Well done!

  3. Hey Doug- just part way thru # 2, and enjoying it. Maybe a touch of vicarious pleasure, as it takes me back to my own early enthusiasm. Other similarities too- like now as you discuss who you are- this is the key, I think.

    No disrespect to geezer, but I offer the following advice: Fuck the listeners! DO NOT plan your podcast around 10 minute segments ti suit someone else’s listening convenience – giving in would spell the end of your show. Do what’s convenient for YOU- Not the listener. Everyone has a pause button- if they need a break, they can take it. If you think about time, it stops the flow, and it’s all about the flow. If geezer is a true listener- and I’m sure he/she is, he/she will make any adjustments necessary…

    Now back to you- and Great music too!

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