SlugisDoug episode 4: Ronda-bout

The bits that made this episode

Another week has passed and I have been busy recording and thinking during this episode. It was a struggle to figure out but I finally got there. Stick with me to the end on this one.  It is a bit of a ride as I start talking about a “poem” that I wrote; then lose faith that this podcast is worth publishing; then use an old creative trick to help me to finish it… all with a little bit of music, some stories told from the heart and there’s even a breakthrough… again.




a lone feather flies on its own spiralling in an updraft on a near windless day
cloud covers thick like a big ol’ down comforter [on a cold morning]
an attempt to capture all that embodies “heycoolness” on film
not so easy especially with low light
feet fall in familiar steps but still like they were virgin
down a mountainside to catch the perfect bridge; the perfect landscape; and the perfect portrait
nothing will beat the mental snapshot of calming pastoral settings in buttercups and green
the ultimate in calm, cool, collectedness
sublime times in which to kick mental stones
I could do this forever
if I were asleep I would be dreaming
but this time reality is all the more vivid
it’s Christmas time
in the city shoppers go store to store attempting to make someone’s wishes come true
for me Christmas has come early
not just for the year but perhaps for a lifetime
there is no gift that could give more than the contemplation of the sublime
while sitting on a rock some five hundred feet above the bottom of a gorge
waiting for the sun to move across the cliff tops
like a giant spotlight to highlight that little bit of crazy ocean sediment that is now a mountain
nothing like seeing the great chunk of solid, mostly-permanent matter transform
as the lighting conditions change in sync with my thoughts
unfortunately, all that I am able to say
at this time of great revelation and moving contemplation
all of these great feelings of exhaltation
are failed by words in the moment
and instead result in just one enormous whole body sigh…
[may my wind propel you forever little feather]

Dec. 20 1995


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5 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 4: Ronda-bout

  1. Well you’ll hear about it if you listen to my next podcast, but meanwhile I’d like to say here that to me this was your best yet! I know, I’ve already said don’t compare or try to outdo yourself, but this one resonated. You are clearly a very artistic (not a good word) person – maybe creative is better- and it’s great seeing/hearing that creativity find an outlet here on your podcast. I had to replay parts of this show more than once – I got drawn in deeper each time. I noted that in this one, at least to me, you made the listener work a little , and that’s a good thing. Beyond that, you very skilfully whether you knew it or not at the time, laid it all out- even the seemingly wrong turns.

    So Doug- just keep doing what you’re doing. The amateur hobbyist podcasting world is richer now for your joining in!

  2. Aw shucks!

    Thank’s Mom! And did you realize that wow is just mom upside down?

    Dude – I agree, it is my best(so far). I am most proud of this episode. I was excited when it all came together and I realized that the challenge I was having making this episode was because I WAS trying to outdo the previous ones. Then, it just all came together! And, I couldn’t believe it when the final Strategy Card was actually “Are you finished?” apropos I thought.
    On to the next!

  3. Hmm, I thought I already left a comment on this one, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared – wonder if I navigated away from the page before clicking “submit”.

    I really enjoyed listening to this one too. I think Scarborough Dude is right that the listener had a little work to do in this episode, and that made it a bit of a journey for the audience too. Truly entertaining listening; I’m going to have to try using those funky Eno cards myself.

    As an aside, I also really liked the collage you put together for the image at the top of the post. Top notch stuff, all the way around.

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