SlugisDoug episode 7: The Human Currency

Happy New Year!

Doug and the new micThis episode spans a couple of weeks time.  It starts off just after Christmas and ends on January 6. I talk about my new microphone (Thanks Junior & Spouse) and take it for a whirl. I then talk about some audio cassette memories and issue a (somewhat emotional) challenge to you. Then another one. I also tell a story or two and talk about the Beatles. Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you soon.  I am starting a new job very shortly and will be working 12 hours a day. I may have trouble fitting in podcasting time but I am committed to getting them out regularly. I’m going to find a way!

Quirky Nomads Podcast – Qn Day of Listening

Some tunes:

  • White Christmas – SlugisDoug mix
  • Pumping on your Stereo – Supergrass – Supergrass
  • Jimmy Hoffa – The 2155 Windermere gang – Sometime in the 1950’s
  • The Story of My Life – Social Distortion – Social Distortion
  • Un Simple Histoire – Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon
  • Mother and Child Reunion – Paul Simon – Paul Simon
  • Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles – Revolver


Stream (55min)

Download mp3 (right click/option click and save as)

I talked of these photos at the end of the podcast. Listen and you’ll know why they are here.

Ask Me Why


On the Record



5 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 7: The Human Currency

  1. Just downloading now, so I obviously haven’t listened yet. Glad to hear there’s some paying work on the horizon for you, though I have no doubt your reduced opportunity to make some podcasts will leave me anxious for more.

    I promise to work on the final cut of our little dual podcast this weekend and have it ready for early next week – maybe that’ll help?

    In the meantime, as the newest member of the Mac world, I need to formally express my disapproval of the (“right click and save as” labels on the download links. That’s not the way it works in a non-Windows word. I think I have to control-click or something. It would be awesome if your site could remind me how the hell to get this thing downloaded and in to my iTunes library…

    Anyway, on to do some listening…

  2. The Windermere gang was doing a parody of the Kefauver hearings, conducted by a U.S. Congressional Committee. The Committee was inquiring into the possible involvement of organized crime in the labour movement.

    As I’ve written before, I think Grandpa was a blogger, way ahead of his time.

    Love the alter ego kibbitzing in the background. Funny stuff.

  3. Hey Slugger, just a fast note, still thinking of No. 7. Lots to think about. Many thoughts come to mind. One in particular, happy homes, happy thoughts—unhappy homes, unhappy thoughts. More to come on that. Your grandfather was indeed ahead of his time. Many of those tapes were sent to his family in Scotland, it must have taken him a long time to decide what to tape and what not. In the end I am sure his sister, and mother were happy to receive news from Canada. After leaving Scotland, he saw his mother about three times, (he left at the age of 17.) If anyone could tell a story, it would be him. He was a man full of hope, happiness, and a good word said about everyone. He loved me as much as he loved his wife and his own children. He raised two great kids, was a great inspiration, for me and your father to raise three loving, caring boys.
    This is not what I started to say, but the above seems to fit with the first part of your pod cast. Your new mike sounds great. Must be great not to talk into your hat. Could not hear the furnace, or the cat. Can’t believe your brother posted the same message twice, you really shook him up.

  4. You are coming at this (podcasting) from all the right places Doug (or Douggie, since I was Kenny for too many years). Too many jerks start podcasting simply to sell themselves or satisfy their egos (both okay, but shouldn’t be the main reason), and lean too heavily towards a success driven model – like how many listeners can I get, how can I reach the top 10 of whatever list, or get an award. You have noble purposes and I applaud you for that.

    With regards to downloading the show, on my Mac I Option click on the mp3 link and it downloads. It would be nice to have a one step set up though, like clicking an iTunes button to subscribe, rather than have us download manually. Lots of info available on how to do that- just need the feed.

    Hope you are considering attending Podcamp Toronto next month. I’ve sometimes thought we should be on a panel for newbies, speaking on the non-commercial greatness of this hobby.

  5. Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone.
    First – I can’t take credit for the alter ego. The Dude uses “Prick” with good results on the DnJ podcast and it felt right to do similar here. These are often things that I am saying aloud as I re-listen to each podcast so I thought that I’d add a few of them on this one to lighten it up a bit.
    Second – I don’t use iTunes (at least I didn’t before today) but after much swearing and a little bit of surfing I figured out how to add a link that was supposed to allow iTunes users to subscribe to the show easily but it wouldn’t work on the free site for some reason. So I have created a link in the side bar over there –> at the top that goes to another free website page that WOULD allow the simple bit of code to make it all work. Click on that, you’ll go to the page and then click on the iTunes logo and iTunes will launch and subscribe you to the podcast. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but haven’t got around to it until today. Thanks for the push.
    Third – Thanks mom. I think I might need to come and get some of your stories soon too! So think up some good ones!
    Fourth – Podcamp Toronto. Yes I am considering attending and look forward to the event.

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