SlugisDoug episode 10: Human Interest

A few weeks late, here is my post PodCamp Toronto 2010 episode.
I seem to be recording in the car a lot lately.  I’m very busy.  Both at home and at work.
-A bit about podcamp.
-A bit about stories and I start wondering why I love to listen to stories told by podcasters but hate the “human interest” stories on newscasts.
-I beg for a bit of feedback, thank some folks
-Answer an email question that I received regarding my challenge from a few episodes back.
It’s about an hour long and there is music.
It’s great to talk to you again.
Join me won’t you?

Direct Link to mp3

Update: WordPress was down apparently for 110 minutes while I was trying to post this episode. It works now. and streaming can happen again.


This episode’s music as a Grooveshark streaming playlist.


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