SlugisDoug episode 10.2 repost of repost

WordPress is doing everything that it can to make sure that I am unable to get this episode out.

I have had to post this episode on for now.

Let’s see what happens.

See posting for SiDe10 for more info.

Direct link to mp3


Update: WordPress was apparently down for 110 minutes as I was trying to post this episode and it was breaking everything that I did. It is apparently fixed now and streaming is available. Yay!



3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 10.2 repost of repost

  1. Just nearing the end of episode 10 right now.

    The first segment was one of your best so far, very well done. Truthfully, I thought it was a little bit jarring after that segment (which centred around your resolve to work harder to bring more to the show) to be followed up with your walk to the car at the end of a Friday workday. Not saying that segment isn’t fun, but it does seem to play a little bit against the expectations developed in segment one.

    Really liked the music in this episode and the discussion about digital legacy was very interesting to me. It’s something I’ve thought about off and on over the last year or two and I’ll have to actually turn my attention to it now that I’ve listened to this segment.

    It occurs to me that with Twitter accounts, the facility to pre-schedule blog posts, save drafts for later posting etc., the potential for having a little fun with the living after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil is very much there. I always thought Canadians would be treated to a posthumous practical joke from Robertson Davies (though one doesn’t seem to have yet materialized, and time does have a way of continuing to march on). Maybe I’ll have to think of a way to do what I thought ol’ Rob would accomplish…

    Looking forward to #11, but don’t forget to drop the S.O.A.P. on that one….

  2. I liked this episode. Your mike is really neat, and it does seem like I’m in the car, next to you while you talk. I just worry about you driving and talking at the same time. But that’s a mother’s worry. Legacy, what a big subject. Geneology, which you know both your aunt and I do, is very satisfying. It allows me to know me, or better still why me? Questions like who am I, why do I think the way I do? Geneology allows me to understand my past, and in doing so, keeps those that I never met, alive. They are more than just a name on a page. Someone once said something like know where you come from, and you’ll know where your going.

  3. BTW, I’mma get on that theme song challenge. Got a couple of ideas and I’m learning how to use the tools on my new MacBook. I am busy at work until sometime in the beginning of April, but when I come out the other side, I’m going to do this for you.

    Any preference as to genre?

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