SlugisDoug episode 12: Silver Happy and Gold

Episode 12 comes at you a little sooner this week. Once again most of it takes place in the car. I start off making a promise to begin cycling and stop destroying the world. I then talk about baby names; somehow lead in to talk of  crosswalks and bad drivers; then talk about the movies. I finish it all off with a story about a man in a plexi-glass tube. Interested now? I hope so.
Join me for about an hour… it’s okay, there is music too.


Direct Link to mp3

Listen to this week’s tunes at Grooveshark if you like.


5 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 12: Silver Happy and Gold

  1. Great episode Doug! I love your opening and The Voice, as always. Nice job with background sound for dream recall! Easy flowing talk in the car. You make it all sound easy- guess that means you’re a natural.

  2. What do I mention first? The music or the voices–they were great. It gave me an hour of listening to good dialogue. Your dream—Wow, what did you have to eat the night before, or were you abused as a child? You have a gift of the gab, must be the Irish, coming through. A lot of chuckles, and I enjoyed it all. P.S. Nobody would wear silver and gold together.(in good taste)

  3. Obviously I haven’t been listening to the last few, but congratulations on the impending next generation; you’ll find that your free time will never be quite the same.

    Regarding bicycles — I’m in no shape to contemplate the full commute, but I’ve been happy with the seven to eight mile roundtrip I take to and from the vanpool spot for the past few years. Some things I’ve learned:

    > You can’t have enough lights.
    > Your jacket can not be overly obnoxiously fluorescent-colored (mine is that fire-engine lime they tried out in the mid-80s).
    > Fenders will make your commute much happier (ditto rain gear).
    > Racks & panniers are not just for bike snobs — I credit panniers with keeping my back relatively healthy.
    > The most useful pannier I have is a so-called grocery pannier. My “briefcase” is actually a tool bag accessorized with carabiners to latch on to the rack and a bungee to hold it out of my heels.
    > Consider a folding bicycle: the one I have has a great frame but lousy components, which is why I hate it (; the xootr looks like a nice one too (here’s a Toronto perspective).

    theVet and I have different backgrounds with names — she has a very distinctive, unique name (I have only heard her name once or twice elsewhere) whereas I am … Mike. Mike L., to be precise. Having to add that last initial always drove me nuts growing up; popular, yes; fitting in, not so great all the time.

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