SlugisDoug extra: Clara’s Sunshine: the remix

So, last time you heard a clip of me singing along to the ukulele as I played “You Are My Sunshine” as practice for the arrival of my Baby Girl.

Well BIG NEWS! Clara Joy Slater came into this world on August 19th at about 9:30pm. She is a cute little button of a thing and both she and her mother are doing very well. I have lots of photos and stories to tell but right now there is not much time for anything other than what I give you today; a remix of my version of “You Are My Sunshine” done by one of my two super awesome brothers, Junior, from over at Heroes in Rehab: the blog. I give it to you here for your listening pleasure. Please dance with me to celebrate our new bundle of Clara Joy!

Direct Link to mp3



5 comments on “SlugisDoug extra: Clara’s Sunshine: the remix

  1. Hope she enjoys it; I’m going to have to try another mix at some point, because I don’t think you can hear the tuba well enough. And the tuba is the part that made me laugh, literally out loud. Hey, “Laugh Out Loud” – are you listening Internets? ‘Cause that’s the sort of thing that could catch on…

  2. Doug, congratulations — she is beautiful and I hope she’s letting you guys sleep at least a little (catch it while you can!) Everything changes, huh?

  3. Don’t fret. A new episode is in the making. I just have to get some time to put it all together. You’ll understand when Furious G arrives. Some things take a back seat usually starting with the seemingly less important.

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