SlugisDoug episode 16: We built this house on this Rock

It’s here my friends. The episode that I was working on as my daughter decided to arrive. In it I talk about some of the work that I’ve been doing around the house in preparation for baby’s arrival and The Scarborough Dude of the Dicks&Janes Podcast stops by for a beer and to hand over The Rock. (DnJ episode 23 link) It is a bit of a long one but I think that you will forgive me as I may not be back as often for a little while as recording and editing are low on the priority list as we get accustomed to having our beautiful Clara Joy with us, needing us, entertaining us.

Enjoy, and we’ll talk soon! I promise.

Direct Link to mp3


4 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 16: We built this house on this Rock

  1. What an amazing job you did editing! You pulled it all together so perfectly, and made it all flow. Also great to hear have a recorded history like that of a Rock handover, complete with back story – thank you. I am very glad you asked for the Rock, and very glad you have it in your family now.

    Good to have you back podcasting too- you are very much an important part of the community, and your voice is needed .

  2. Thanks Dude. This episode was a long time in the making. I started with over 4 hours of recording and needed to be ruthless in editing. Then, the challenge of getting the final touches together to smooth it out for release was a bit of an extra challenge with a newborn on my lap! Thanks for listening as always!

  3. For those not familiar with the game of ‘Rocks‘, a beach game invented by Junior and a friend and popularized by me and my drunken friends, the following discussion may seem strange. If you are really interested, I recommend visiting the site that Junior linked to in the above comment. RocksCanada is the home of the, more or less now defunct, Canadian Amateur Rock Throwers Association or CARTA. A site that I created back when I was learning HTML and CSS. Sorry about it being hosted on the very annoying Tripod. I think that I will make a project of someday moving its contents to somewhere more appropriate like WordPress or
    Physically, I would say that The Rock falls in the “Roller” category, though it is small and size and is probably better suited as a precision instrument to slip in close to the stick as the last rock. However, because of its small size and its sentimental value, I wouldn’t recommend it for a game of Rocks. It could very easily bury itself in the sand and disappear thus leaving you short of a rock for the round and well short of The Rock (thus violating the unspoken rule of The Rock: Don’t lose the Rock).
    Now, metaphorically speaking I would say that The Rock is a cross between a ‘Digger’ and a ‘Crincher’ (var.Cruncher). It has the ability to dig itself into the sand of your soul and ‘Crinch’ the experience or memory of the moment into your brain. Perhaps a philosophical relative of the rock known as ‘WarWalker’. Keep it in the Rings!

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