SlugisDoug episode 20: Lest We Forget

A brief episode where I explain my problem with Remembrance Day.






Direct link to mp3


4 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 20: Lest We Forget

  1. I appreciate the intensity, Doug, because I feel it too. My younger cousin, who was an American soldier, was killed by a suicide-bomber in Afghanistan last year. When Remembrance Day came around, I was shocked by how much the significance of the day had changed for me… Before Andrew died, I used to always picture way-back, so-long-ago events when I considered Remembrance Day. No longer.

    But I totally agree that the day should be as much or more about remembering the HORRORS of war as it is about remembering those who experienced losses.

    Anyway, nicely done. (I do have reservations about your writeup saying you have a “problem with Remembrance Day”, because while listening it doesn’t come across that way. It sounds to me like the “problem” is more with ongoing violence, much of it still political in nature. To me, the description seems to mis-represent your passionate anti-war podcast.)

  2. Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your story, Hank.
    As for my description, I must admit that it is intentionally misleading. I had hoped that it would get people to listen and to think a bit more about the day. I had hoped that it would get the potential listener’s back up; get them ready to yell at me; think about what Remembrance Day means to them. Then, let them know when they listen that it is not a problem with the day itself, it is a problem with the unfortunate need for the day.

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