SlugisDoug episode 22: Homework

Finally, after almost 3 months a full episode has arrived.

It is not well polished and is kind of hurried but big stuff happens anyway.

I get  a burger at the drive thru and something else happens, I forget what it is 😉



direct link to mp3

  1. Waiting – Cake
  2. The Babysitter’s Here – Dar Williams
  3. Our House – Madness

4 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 22: Homework

  1. Nice to have you back, I enjoyed listening (even though I already knew all the big news). Ben and I sat and listened together one morning to Uncle Doug’s Funny Internet Radio Show (BTW, that’s not bad if you’re ever thinking about changing the name of the podcast).

    I am, with my very infrequently updated own blog staring me in the face, no one to talk, but I hope you’re already working on the next one.

  2. Already working on the next episode thanks to some inspiration from the Scarborough Dude. Episode 23 coming soon to a device of your choosing soon.

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