SlugisDoug episode 24: So I Moved

So… I moved. And I tell you about it. While I drive to work. And there is music.


Direct Link to mp3

  • British Racing Green – Black Box Recorder
  • Mini – SCSI-9
  • The Work Song – Herb Alpert

One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 24: So I Moved

  1. So Doug, I was listening while halfway trying to work, and was transported as usual into YOUR world, YOUR life, kind of like when reading a novel. Because I’ve never met you, you can kind of seem to be a character in a novel to me… sort of. A novel that’s happening right now, I guess. And then I turn the page, and the character mentions ME. That was weird, having you talk about ME from your recent drive-to-work in Ontario.

    Anyway, no need to apologize (ever) for delays in making a podcast. Make them when the time is right.

    I should mention that I always greatly enjoy your music-selections, Doug. I’ve liked every one – you have an impressive range of musical tastes.

    I found this episode amusing. A move that smooth is a very fortunate thing, you know. Especially in a big city. (I lived in Calgary for a good 10 years, but moved to Saskatchewan a few years ago.)

    – Flatlander.Hank

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