SlugisDoug episode 25: Sleepy Time?

A bit of a weird episode. Stick with it. It calms down and turns out to have a bit of a theme.


Direct Link to mp3

  • Flight of the Insane Clown – A Slug and 2 Fremlins
  • Wake Up – Trio
  • Must Be Dreaming – Frou Frou

4 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 25: Sleepy Time?

  1. Oh man, I’ve only seen the episode graphic and track list, and I can’t wait to listen to this episode. It’s a way-homer later today! w00t!!

  2. Have listened to just the first half (in related news: not NEARLY as much traffic on the way home as I thought there would be) and was a huuuuuuge fan of it. I told Ben that Uncle Doug’s Funny Internet Radio Show had a special segment dedicated to him, and he has some thoughts he’d like to convey. Stay tuned.

    Will be listening to the rest of this episode as soon as the Leafs game is over. (You gotta have priorities.)

  3. Finished listening this morning. I think this is one of your top two or three episodes, and not just because of the Uncle Doug’s Crazy Internet Radio Show intro (though that definitely brought a smile to my face).

    One complaint: you have to find a place to put that damn recorder so that it’s not falling down when you’re in the car. Maybe the binaural mics will solve the problem.

    I’m too lazy to Google this right now, but aren’t a lot of those motels on Kingston Rd. used by various levels of government as temporary housing for people? I seem to remember somebody telling me that and I am really hoping the hallucinations aren’t coming back.

    As for my own podcast-y activities; we’ll see, rabbit. We’ll see. Thanks for a terrific episode.

  4. I know. The whole mic setup is getting to be a bit of a pain in the arse. I am going to have to dig out my other mic and clip it to my hat again so that I can record while driving without all that noise of it rattling in the visor or even falling off. Waiting patiently for the in ear binaural mics to arrive.
    As for the Motels, you are right. I did a Google search after recording this and found out that many of the motels, at least according to teh innerwebs, are used by the government to house refugees. But I think they go there because the motels are already there. They were obviously not purpose built for that reason alone. I am wondering why they are all there in the first place. A kind of chicken or the egg thing I guess.

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