SlugisDoug episode 26: BBQ Saga

This episode has taken WAY too long to edit and piece together. It was recorded before Easter and is only now getting out so I apologize for that.

I also apologize for the crappy audio, especially during the second half of the episode. I am still getting used to the new microphones and apparently they are very sensitive to the noise of the bumpy road. So much so that you can hear every bump I go over.  Perhaps I shouldn’t record in the car while driving anymore. But when else will I be able to record?

Anyway, here it is.

I get my new in-ear mics.

I talk with myself.

I tell you a story about my new BBQ and what a journey it has been so far.

There is also some music.

  • Thinking Out Loud – Fu Manchu
  • In a Happy Moog – Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer

Stream (64 minutes)

Direct Link to mp3


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 26: BBQ Saga


    I liked the new mics, sounded great listening in the car, though on headphones the last seven or eight minutes were a bit rough.

    The first fifteen minutes of this episode were outstanding. I elled oh ell!!!

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