SlugisDoug episode 28: Birthday Pt. 1

I turned 40 about two weeks ago. Following is the first part of what will be a 2 part episode about my birthday and my experience turning 40.

with some music thrown in.


Direct Link to mp3


6 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 28: Birthday Pt. 1

  1. Heh. Music notes jotted on a…..BILL. I see what you did there.

    A friend of mine sends her Mom flowers every year on her – that is to say my friend’s – birthday. Every year, when another year goes by and I haven’t done that, I feel like a jerk.

  2. Better luck this year! Here’s a hint. Set a Google Calendar alert for one week in advance. OR arrange it right now. Not later. Right now. They can take orders in advance…. also…. a good idea. Mom don’t read this thread of comments else the surprise will be spoiled!

  3. Hey Doug, Happy Birthday again. Not bad being 40. I remember thinking that those years between 40 to 50 were the best. You still have a lot to look forward to, and your memory is good enough to remember the past. Your music was great as usual, found myself starting to dance all by myself. Hard to believe your daughter is nine months old. Keep your humour, give to those you love, and time to those that need it.

  4. So my thoughts on you turning 40 (been there done that) are this:

    Holy Crap! Was there really a guy driving ON THE SIDEWALK?!?
    That’s about it.

    My wife is a bit paranoid about turning 40 (hasn’t happened yet for her, she’s 36). My brother celebrated turning 40 by….

    buying a minivan!

    (Don’t argue with him – he’s 40, he’ll do what he wants!)

  5. Yep. Dude was driving on the sidewalk. I have since seen him do it again. It looks like he is going up a driveway then driving along the sidewalk to get to a spot perpendicular to another driveway. Still very wrong.

  6. A belated happy birthday (I’m still catching up on your back-catalog since meeting you at PCTO2013). This is another great episode — and an amazing song to close out the show and cap off your birthday celebration. I saw Colin Hay live last May. It was the best live show I’ve ever seen in a life of concert-going.

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