SlugisDoug episode 29: Not Birthday Part 2

I’m back for a quick, on the road, episode. No, it is not part 2 of the Birthday episode. I’ve been too busy to edit it and too stuck on making it the next episode. I declare that episode lost. Perhaps it will return sometime later.
This one is short. 34 minutes of me catching up and trying to get back to podcasting again.

I have missed you.

Still not sure if I have anything important to say, but need to do it anyway. Great song at the end though!

Good to be back.
Take care,

Direct link to episode 29 mp3

Music: Blue Diamonds – The Long Winters – When I Pretend to Fall


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 29: Not Birthday Part 2

  1. Good to have you back. I have more to say but, with my own long personal work nightmare now over, I am considering the best way to say it.

  2. And I’ve obviously been on hiatus from listening, but hey, no apologies, right? I must say it was really great to hear your voice, Doug – Thanks for the updates!

    There is absolutely no doubt that seeing your daughter so little lately really really really sucks. It’s very clear that you hate that, so I’m looking forward to some future podcast where things are improved!

    I always identify very strongly with your situations – I’m really really pulling for you. You are the protaganist, Doug. The good guy.

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