SlugisDoug episode 30: Daddy Daddy Daddy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This episode, I complain then decide that I should stop.

My day is brightened by someone very tiny but full of Joy…

and there is music.

tracklist ep. 30


Direct Link to mp3


3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 30: Daddy Daddy Daddy

  1. Yeah, I gotta agree with Junior on the Madrugada track. That was just my kind of music – I actually pulled the play-bar back to listen to it a second time right after it finished!

    As for the complaining, I completely agree that you’re in a really rough situation there.

    Based on your own words, it does sound to me like you are currently forced to make $$$ and sacrificing plenty of happiness to do so. That really sucks, big time. I was listening to a different podcast yesterday where a person who has become an expert in how to measure “happiness” was giving a talk. His final forceful point was that we shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that MATERIAL things will have any noticeable effect on our happiness – We should hunt for it in other ways. His example of something to hunt for instead will make an impact on you, Doug. The guy said he has seen time and again that a thing as simple as reducing one’s commute-time has a very measurable, proven effect of increasing happiness.

    Now I know you’re going to stick with this current zombie-movie, but I also know that turning your life into work-work and pretty much only work cannot be sustained. Not by you, not with Clara growing up so fast. It will very obviously become horrific for you to try to sustain that lifestyle, because you have discovered the parts of life that hold real VALUE. You’ll pull through, I know you will.

    I have a feeling that there are supportive people out there that will help you through this tough time of crazy work-hours, and help you improve your situation. Soldier on, Doug. I’d say that your listeners are probably like me when I say that I know you’ll come out of it with flying colors in the end. I really admire your values.

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