SlugisDoug episode 31: Stuckin` Traffic!

I spend more time in traffic.

I talk about things I probably shouldn`t and come to a realization.

Some music shows up too.


Direct Link to mp3



One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 31: Stuckin` Traffic!

  1. “We’re on Parade” – Wouldn’t that be just awesome to use in your Zombie-movie?!? Zombies on Parade, Doug! You gotta put that song in the suggestion-box… After all, the zombies will just be MARCHING instead of running, so that is MUCH SAFER! The Ontario investigators will be impressed!

    The description of what happened on set was very entertaining. I’m sure those paramedics will be talking about that one for quite some time!

    Your daughter seems to be learning some words at quite an early age, Doug.

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