SlugisDoug episode 32: Workin for a Livin’

It’s the Second (Great) Canadian National Day of Podcasting and here is my entry.

An episode that was recorded over a month ago and has been sitting in the hopper for a while as I try to get around to putting it all together and publish it.

I talk about work and I talk about aging. There is music.


Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting

BlogTO took pics of my set and posted them so I didn’t have to break my NDA:


Direct Link to mp3


3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 32: Workin for a Livin’

  1. “The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.”
    -Thomas Carlyle

    I am always suspicious of people who seem to have no self-doubt whatsoever. It seems to me obvious that they are telling a sort of a lie.

  2. two things come to mind re: your gun question—babies having babies—how can a young teenager figure out how to raise a baby–especially on the street. The other is a song, “treat your children well”

  3. That’s a fantastic comment from Junior there, and a really good song-suggestion from RS.

    Thank you very much for the podcast, Doug. You are still my favorite podcaster. I love how you can pull off little heart-to-heart talks as if you were speaking face-to-face to a true friend. You made my little evening-trip back into work go whizzing by, despite being here all by myself in my quiet lonely office.

    When we look at others, we sometimes lose sight of our own strengths. Rather than wanting to have someone else’s qualities, we should probably take advantage of their strengths by letting those people tackle what THEY are best at, while we are content to tackle what WE are best at. (And I’m talking to myself here, lol.) Did I word that okay? Hopefully that made a little sense…

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