SlugisDoug episode 33: How Dare You Bring That to My City

I just can’t be stopped. The day after the 2nd Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting and I just had to put out another. I was so stoked to see and hear all the new content, I just wanted to put out more.

A bit more talk of work. A bit of serious talk and frustration. Some questions. And a story about my little girl to try to lighten things up a bit.

No music this week. Just ranting.


Direct Link to mp3


4 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 33: How Dare You Bring That to My City

  1. Just listened to episodes 32 and 33 of the podcast, which I found via the Canadian National Day of Podcasting. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the show. The in-car sound quality was surprisingly bearable. Thanks for supporting Canadian podcasting!

  2. Junior: I’m afraid that it may happen sooner than later….

    Yuri: Thanks for listening. I’m glad that you enjoyed what you heard, I think that they were 2 pretty good episodes. CNDOP has been so great for the past 2 years. I have found so many new shows to listen to that it sometimes keeps me from doing my own. Yours is on my playlist from the day and I am making my way through them now. I hope you listen again sometime.

  3. Howdy howdy, Doug! I’m back at it, listening to more great podcast from you again. I find it kind of funny that the thing I’m always doing while listening to your podcasts is: checking the quality of plans that have been drafted in AutoCAD. That’s what I do – I’m basically a quality-control guy. I work for a survey company and we send our plans to clients (usually with copies going to the provincial government too). So yeah, our jobs (yours and mine) certainly have their similarities. Mine is a bit more mundane than yours, but I’m much luckier than you about the demands put on me by my employer.

    My fourth (and final) child is 2, turning 3 in late March. I’m really looking forward to hear about all the delight and hilarity soon to be filling your life in a real big way, Doug. You may be in the entertainment industry, but your entertainment will be coming from the home front, there is no doubt about that!! Good bath story.

    I just saw my toddler at lunch-time, just minutes ago, and wow he sure can bring a smile to my face! The ENTHUSIASM that kid has is beyond belief. Even though I’ve already seen the same sort of thing from the other 3 kids at that age, I still get surprised by it.

    I better get back to work!

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