SlugisDoug episode 34: Wolf Bear Twinkle Star

And here is another one!

I am catching up with recordings that I made in the last little while.

This one follows our trip to the zoo; a trip to WalMart; a weekend of goofing around; and a (sappy) realization about a song from long, long ago.



Direct Link to mp3


Link to the YouTube video that I talk about:


One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 34: Wolf Bear Twinkle Star

  1. Yeah, I seem to always want to make some kind of comment after listening to one of your podcasts, Doug. I’ve also been surprised at how much my heart has been softened since I first became a father. I’ll get all choked up by songs sometimes, while I’m sitting at my desk trying to get work done. I’d say that an increased upwelling of emotions like that probably has nothing to do with age – I think you would agree it’s got to be a symptom of one’s situation.

    Anyhow, good stuff. I’d say that fathers much more so than mothers are frequently caught OFF-GUARD by their feelings for their kids. It’s great stuff – I cherish my relationships with my kids – I live for it. When I think on it, there’s no doubt it’s my everything. And the funny thing about it is that I’ve got no choice in the matter. Those kids work into their way into my heart with the greatest of ease, and they are there to stay!

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