SlugisDoug episode 35: More Doug Than Slug

We hear from a friend. I go for a walk. I come to a realization. There is music.

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

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3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 35: More Doug Than Slug

  1. I once again feel compelled to comment on a few things, lol:

    I’m 42. Now I won’t hesitate to tell people my age, but many people find it amusing that I slways have to subtract in my head before I know exactly what I’m at. I do sometimes wish I had say the stamina and physical energy I had 15 years ago, but I have only myself to blame for the dropoff. It’s much more caused by my lifestyle-changes than my age. I’m old enough to see the trends in how bodies change, but I can’t complain. Between you and I, I actually get jealous sometimes hearing what my parents are up to in their days of retirement here (especially those trips to sunny places!) But once again, it was my choice to have 4 kids which makes those kind of trips prohibitively expensive. And I don’t regret that choice at all. I’d rather have the daily companionship of my big family than an occasional nice trip. My parents couldn’t take big trips like that when they were my age, either. And I do see the various medical frustrations my parents sometimes run into at almost 70 years old, and I currently think of that as SCARY. I don’t have ANY personal experience with that sort of thing, and I have to admit that I fear it.

    So anyway, I don’t go around boasting about my age but I’m actually unaware of my exact age most of the time. I enjoy life, and when I think about the future, it’s usually with more anticipation than fears. Hey, it’s the way Mom raised me. ; )

    (Oops, getting long – I’ll post this thought and then go onto the nickname-topic.)

    Kind of funny – I also have a names that associate with different stages of my personality. My given name is Henry, and I went by that for the most part for most of my childhood, but occasionally people called me Hank.

    I was still going by Henry predominantly into my early 20s, but after high school I really struggled with who I was or what I wanted with my life. I went straight into Red Deer College after high school, but in the first year of Computer Science, I discovered that debugging programs was exceedingly unpleasant esp.when doing so under a deadline. So I changed my major over to mathematics for my second year. But I had absolutely NO IDEA what kind of jobs were out there for people with mathematics degrees and I was socially as much of an introvert as I’d ever been in my life. I was living at home, driving a terrible old Honda Civic with a broken heater half-an-hour down the highway to school every day, skipping classses occasionally because of depression, hardly talking to other people at school. People from school were just acquaintances – I didn’t have any friends. Life was no good.

    So I quit school after year 2 and got various labour jobs. 2 years of working made me realize how terribly UNHAPPY most of the people in those kinds of jobs are, SO I DECIDED TO TAKE CONTROL OF MY OWN FUTURE, instead of making half-hearted attempts to do what I thought would please other people like my parents. It took me until about 22 years old to finally GROW UP. For the first time in my life, I actually seriously thought about what I wanted to do FOR A JOB.

    And I moved away from home to go to Technical School in Calgary. I was on my own, I was in control, and I felt like a completely different person. I decided to go mainly by Hank for a while (which has become ever since) – it was mostly an affirmation to myself that I’m taking control of things for myself now. And I’ve never looked back.

    I actually kissed a girl for the first time ever at around 24 years old in my second year at SAIT, and after starting work in the survey industry I started dating a different girl and things were even better. I thought I had found EVERYTHING, the key to happiness. But little did I know that for me, the key to even greater happiness was still out there.

    I had hardly had any experience with BABIES at all, all my life. But Charlene and I did decide we wanted that. I knew it would be a life-changer to a point, but what took me completely by surprise was the strength of love I felt for my new baby, even right shortly after birth. Wow. It’s beyond description, what a thing. For me, family is everything, and I barely resemble that timid kid that called himself “Henry”. But I still answer to Henry if someone calls it out. ; ) That’s fine, I don’t mind.

  3. POT
    I’m only recounting this story for your amusement. There is no real point here…

    My only experience with this was not my old timid persona. It was the newer Hank persona! Myself and some of my friends were into hockey pools. And one of my friends invited me to an in-garage hockey pool draft. I never put a single joint anywhere near my lips, truth. Nevertheless, by the time my wife came to pick me up at the conclusion of our evening draft, she knew things were somewhat amiss when I was openly drooling in front of her without even taking notice of it… Good thing she rescued me! That garage was pretty full of pot-smoke, yes.

    I’ve found that the offer of drugs is highly dependant on personality. Shy withdrawn quiet studious individuals simply do not get offered drugs. Well I didn’t. I may have been offered a joint somewhere around 3 times in my life, and all of those coming after I had become more of a people-person, in my late 20s or my 30s.

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