SlugisDoug episode 36: I Do Like My Work

I try to explore the reason(s) that I like my work with a little bit of preamble, some background and quite a bit of umming and aaaahing.


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One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 36: I Do Like My Work

  1. It’s a fascinating job. And that stairwell-thing you did with recorded voices sounds Genius. It would go great in a museum (as long as people realized they were being recorded, lol).

    But to change topics, I remembered that I was wanting to comment on the sound of wolves howling. I have only one for-sure experience with that, but it was a spine-tingling one, that’s for sure! A couple years ago I saw a forecast for an incredibly-warm October weekend and decided to take advantage of it. So I brought my 6-year-old daughter, and my dog, on a backpacking trip into the backcountry of Meadow Lake Provincial Park up at the edge of the north-woods. It was just a single night in the backcountry. We had the backcountry campsite completely to ourselves, as expected. At about 3 in the morning, we were suddenly woken by some exceedingly LOUD wolf-howls. Being a praire-boy all my life, I’m quite familiar with Coyotes yowling. But this was absolutely certainly different, with some tones MUCH lower and more haunting than coyotes ever make. Anyway, despite the knowledge that there have been no confirmed wolf-attacks on humans anywhere in North America in years and years, I could tell that wolf (sounded like a single wolf to me) was CLOSE, and I was suddenly prepared to fight like an animal. I tried to speak calmly to an understandably fearful 6-year-old, not to mention my dog trying to squirm into the smallest little squirm-hole he could find in my sleeping-bag, telling them it was nothing to worry about, the wolves are just talking to each other loudly because they are far apart. But inside I must admit my stomach was in knots, and was listening for sniffing-sounds or light footsteps… Oy. We did manage to get to sleep again, though.

    What an incredible sound that is! I’ll certainly never forget that!!

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