SlugisDoug episode 37: Down at Bluffer’s

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus.  I’ve been recording stuff but not putting it together.  Finally, I got the chance to put something together. It’s short-ish, not great but it is something…. and, as always, it is good to be back.


Link to mp3


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 37: Down at Bluffer’s

  1. If you want to record on your iPhone, try an app called Blue Fire. With a 3GS phone, you can get a fancy mike that plugs into the bottom of the phone and allows you to record in stereo and with excellent quality. The app also records from the phone’s built-in microphone. I don’t think the fancy mic works with the 4S (at least not yet) but the app does let you record from built-in microphone on the 4S as well.

    The app is free in the app store. Obviously, the fancy mic is not free, but it is also not required.

    Recording from the built-in mic produces a mono track, but the quality is excellent.

    The good thing about the Blue Fire app is that it allows you to transfer clips via wifi through your computer’s browser.

    LOVED the zero 7 music in this episode and laughed at your treadmill story. When Spouse and I ordered our elliptical trainer, the guy that delivered it came alone. It wasn’t a hydraulic lift truck. So he rings the doorbell at like 7:15 in the morning and asks for my help to get the thing off the truck. It’s January or February, and I’m out in the driveway in my jammies trying to help the dude, we’re grunting and groaning and – we drop the thing off the back of the truck. It falls like four and a half or five feet to the ground BANG. The writing on the side of the box that said “FRAGILE DO NOT DROP” was huge, but also apparently mostly erroneous.

  2. We were still calling our 18-month-old a baby too at that age. Now Jack is three, and we are managing to call him a “toddler” these days, but now he’s about old enough and tall enough to call him a “boy” – ALREADY!!

    I enjoyed your treadmill-story. I helped moved a treadmill myself recently. This time around it was fairly smooth, but I’ve had more than my share of experience moving treadmills by now, lol. I had a heck of a time moving a sofa up the stairs recently, though. I figured I had to turn it around 180, but of course that didn’t quite work and had to struggle to turn it 180 again, knocking stuff over in the process, before finally managing to squeeze it up that barely-wide-enough stairwell.

    I quite enjoyed the pleasant background-noise from gulls on this one – I found that soothing. (But yes I know that’s not going to happen on very many of your podcasts – that’s okay.)

    Like Junior (“warwalker”??), I also loved the music for this episode.

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