SlugisDoug episode 38: Keith the Cat

Not in my usual podcast making/posting place today.

So no fancy photos or summary to go with this one.

Just the episode.


Direct link to mp3


3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 38: Keith the Cat

  1. Sleep well my little grand-cat. And may your father know that he did the right thing. All great memories remain.

  2. Pretty crazy emotional decision, having to let a pet go. I don’t really have experience with that (in my adult life), but chances are I will some day. It’ll be rough. My Boston Terrier now has Intervertebral Disc Disease but after some low-level treatment (run of anti-inflammatories over about 1 month), he seems to be really improved! We’d be crushed to lose that great friend!!

    Hey Doug, you know that I’ve told you before this is my FAVORITE podcast. I just seem to identify with you so much – I find I’m always really rooting for you! I noticed that you seemed to be a pretty good place with your job-satisfaction in the spring, and I’m really glad that has improved for you!!

    This TOTAL RECALL movie that’s being advertised on TV – Isn’t that one of the ones you worked on? (I’m catching up on your podcasts so it’s quite possible that you have already answered that for me…)

  3. Thanks Hank. I’m glad to know that you enjoy the podcast and that you are still out there listening. Yes Total Recall is one of the movies that I have worked on. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

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