SlugisDoug episode 39: Clash Jam Boom!

I bring you along on a couple of rides in the car and talk a bit about music… then fall off track when some douchebag driver pisses me off!

There’s music too and I’ll let you figure that all out.

Sorry about the swearing and yelling in part 3.


Direct Link to mp3


3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 39: Clash Jam Boom!

  1. For me, the soundtrack songs were all at the beginning of a Mighty Lemon Drops tape I had durin third year law school.
    The Jam was always – for me about dropping the needle at the university pub and hearing those huge speakers growl to life , then watching the oh too cool kids losing their ahit on the dance floor in a sweaty, whirling mass.
    As for the discussion at the end, I think the more important question for me is the last one you raised: where does the rage come from after a simple horn blast? I feel like it has to have something to do with our own insecurities and our feelings that we try to live a just life in a world full of others who we see as unable or unwilling to live by the rules. The honk implicates our sense of self and our sense of proficiency as drivers each as surely as the other.

  2. The rage-story made this a really good episode. Nice work, Doug!

    Years ago when I lived in Calgary, one time I just SLIGHTLY cut off the vehicle behind when I was a bit late noticing the exit-lane I needed to take. But this car-full of young guys ended up following me turn-for-turn for the next 15 minutes, UNTIL I turned into my townhouse-complex that was in a not really so nice part of town which was the only place we were able to afford a down payment. THAT’s when they chickened out and went their own way, lol. I can laugh now, but at the time I was FUMING about them making a mountain out of a molehill like that – it took me a fair while after I was home before I was finally able to shake off my anger. And I’m truly the CALMEST GUY I KNOW, no exaggeration. So take it from me, that rage-thing can happen to anybody. If it had come to a confrontation, I’m sure I would have APPEARED to be pretty calm and level-headed, but inside I was just raging.

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