SlugisDoug episode 40: An End and A Beginning

I’m Back. A little talking, a little driving.

A little something new and some music too.


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3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 40: An End and A Beginning

  1. I went back to listen to your “Wookie Fight” again, and there are faint voices that I still can’t make out, even when I crank the volume. I can hear the Wookie just fine, but not the voices in the background. Great laugh though – that’s a top-quality laugh that you ought to submit to your actors to show them what a real laugh sounds like, lol. (No I don’t actually watch that TV series so yes that’s an unfair comment.)

    My favorite part of this episode was the great transition from that song “The Wolves” to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Just make a little sound-bite of that and use THAT to advertise the ESSENCE of the SlugIsDoug podcast. But then you gotta somehow throw in an improved version of wookie-fight, along with that laugh of yours. There’s your selling point. Go Doug!

    Actually, as for podcast-listeners, the only person that I’ve ever managed to convince to listen to a particular podcast has been my wife. I’d have a SLIGHT chance with her, but I dunno if you’d beat out ‘Farmville’ for her attention… (Myself, I don’t understand how people get so addicted to that silly little Farmville game!) She knows of you a little bit because occasionally I’ll bring up some story you related if it pops into my head for some reason.

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