SlugisDoug episode 41: ToDo

The usual with a sprinkling of new.


Direct link to mp3


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 41: ToDo

  1. Hey Doug, enjoyed the Blog. With regard to your hands, yes you are getting older, but may I sugest that you wear a pair of gloves when working with wood, and nails. Sounds like a little bit of arthritis might be coming your way. Loved you singing O Canada, and thought it was good. I am sure you and Clara will be proud Canadians. Next list to come soon?

  2. Motor skills, motor skills, motor skills. Please DO NOT feel obligated to work on your motor skills. Rather, just happily go about dropping things. Like I do. Except when I break some nice thing belonging to my wife.

    And meanwhile, your other motor skills are just fine, because you practice those ones every day. The honker is the idjit and the honkee is the wise man. Wise. Like me. Except that you must be wiser, because you practice driving a WHOLE lot more than me in my isolated town of 2500 people!! Me and my 5-minute drive to work. One time I even saw a traffic jam. But that was out by the rodeo grounds when everyone was going home after the rodeo. So really I was fine. Wow, what a close call. Potholes, those we got. We got those. We temporarily “fix” them every year it seems – it seems to be a tradition. Why fix the roads properly when there are TRADITIONS to maintain, man?

    But to get to the main point, How are you enjoying those excellent parent-reactions and coach-reactions to Olympic athletes? Last night I saw some beauties, especially from excited coaches. One Chinese diving coach fell right off his chair. It was pretty funny – most of those Chinese coaches tend to be pretty sombre fellas, so that reaction really cracked me up.

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