SlugisDoug episode 42: Peoria?

In this one, a journey to drop my daughter at daycare reminds me of a scarf.  Another journey has me talking about a gross morning.  Another journey takes me to the cottage.


Direct link to mp3


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 42: Peoria?

  1. Interesting what your kids remember! If I remember correctly, the gray scarf ended up being wrapped around the neck of several snowmen. Along with my old green hat. Do you still have the hat too?

  2. You were right about one thing, Doug. I tend to listen to you in SPURTS. But I usually listen on my work computer. I always work indoors in an office, much like you. I’m more likely to listen to your podcast if I’m on my own, working overtime in the evening or on the weekend. I think you help alleviate the isolated feeling when I’m the only one here.

    You should have recorded the daytime events at the Olympics. The live broadcasts were way way better than the evening recap-shows!

    Clara’s version of “Oh Canada” was super-cute! My 3-year-old doesn’t have a clue how to sing that song, but he does sing an odd version of “Twinkle Twinkle” ; )

    Clara is a real heart-melter, the way she imitates you out berry-picking at your cabin.

    I was having trouble catching the names of those podcasts you recomended – I’m hard of hearing so that doesn’t help. Links to good podcasts would be helpful, but hey that’s okay they can’t be as good as yours anyway ; )

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