SlugisDoug episode 43: Flag!

episode 43

I talk to you after a ride on my bicycle and I take a phone call from a very helpful person.
There is also music.

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3 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 43: Flag!

  1. Hey now, I’m 43. Of course I know what a plain old text-file is!! Hey, I even used to write BATCH files to use at work! Them were the days, yup, them were the days. Once upon a time people used to think of me as the tech-head guy at work, before most companies even had specialized IT people! So they put ME in charge of Y2K. If anything went wrong, I would be the fall-guy. Something did go wrong, but I was able to pass the blame onto a GPS-software company. Clever, eh? Remember that Y2K stuff, Doug?

    My wife is not all that scam-savvy, and some of her older friends are exceedingly gullible that way. So I try to be a bit of a scam-educator myself, telling Charlene about scam-warnings I heard in the news. Some of them I hear about probably would have fooled me to – those guys can be really clever sometimes!!

    However one of my big pet-peeves is when people automatically pass on any sort of watch-out-for-this! warnings that they hear to all their friends. Grrr, hate when hoaxes keep circulating back to me multiple times…

    My wife did manage to avoid giving up the computer to those same people that kept phoning you. She told them they’d better talk to me, but they didn’t bother phoning back for me (yet).

    I found your phone act to be pretty entertaining. Like you I knew right from the get-go who you were dealing with. I was looking forward to the part where you’d refuse to take that last bad-idea step, but I think they were kind of sort of on to your act and gave up on you.

  2. My ells were all oh ell.

    I literally almost had Pepsi coming out of my nose when you shouted “FLAG!” at good ol’ Kathleen (I think she was lying about her name, by the way – three e’s for sure). Thought you did a pretty good job of not breaking character and starting to laugh, especially when she asked you if you’re computer illiterate.

    One of my favourite episodes so far, brings back found memories of the days we spent scambaiting.

  3. I’ve written a few batch files myself as a result of becoming the de facto Windows guy in the office that has any clue. I got so tired of people asking me how to do the same thing over and over again even though I had written an in depth HOW-TO. They seemed too lazy to read it. So I finally just wrote a batch file and put it on a USB key for them to take to their desk and follow the prompts. Saves a lot of headaches.
    This is one of my favourite episodes. I am glad that you liked it too! And, as usual, thanks for listening.

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