SlugisDoug episode 45: wait for dessert


I return with a longer episode that starts with me talking about not much but then getting in to it by the end.

There’s music too!

*** EDIT 5 December 2012 ***
There seems to have been some problem with the original upload.

Here is a link to the new re-uploaded file. I hope this fixes the problem.

Link —->  slugisdoug045




7 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 45: wait for dessert

  1. I’ve been having trouble with that “wait for dessert” Mp3 file. I tried it in multiple browsers and multiple players and it either doesn’t work or is cut off short. The farthest I got was the start of your outstanding birthday-song performance…

  2. Hank.
    I re-downloaded it and it seems to work fine for me. I might suggest a re-download on your end if you like. Let me know if you have any further problems. Cheers and thanks for listening. I hope you get to listen to the rest of this episode. Or maybe you just give up- realizing that I am definitely not worth the trouble.

  3. Maybe I’ll have to try it from home. Every time I try to download it from either Google Chrome or ie I don’t get the full 50MB file – I get a file size of 13 MB or around there… and it cuts off short or doesn’t play at all, depending on the player.

  4. I was unable to properly download this Mp3 on my home computer too, but I got it no prob from the dropbox folder you just sent me a link to. Thanks!!

    I remember a great breakfast at a fancy restaurant in Saskatoon one time, but the washrooms!?! It was an old old building and the washrooms were TINY. The big thing that bugged us was that even though this was a hotel-restaurant where families would often eat breakfast, they had no baby-change platforms in the washrooms. So my wife said, “I’m not putting my kid on the bathroom-floor! I’m going to change him right here in the restaurant!” I suggested that maybe we could put paper-towels down on the floor or something and she said “There’s no room to even turn around in there!” so I agreed. Nobody seemed to really even notice – we kind of blocked out views for the most part.

    Why am I telling gross stories? I do want some of that dessert!! I’m usually STUFFED before dessert-time. Typically I can only manage it if we go JUST for dessert, but that’s really rare that we think of doing that. REALLY rare, lol.

  5. Strange. Now I am having trouble with the download. I will have to fix it later this morning. Until it gets fixed, I have included the link to the Dropbox share that I sent to Hank here if anyone else is having any problems.

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