Eavesdropping 3: Water Rocket!

Jr. and Doug have another bro-call and talk mainly about Doug’s reminder phrase for holding back a little bit and where it came from.

There may or may not be some ELO.


Music in this episode:

  • Mission (A World Record) – ELO
  • Ding Dong Daddy – Junior and Doug
  • The Music Teacher – Scrambled Mache
  • Steve’s Boogie – Eric Johnson

Direct Link to MP3 eavesdropping003


3 comments on “Eavesdropping 3: Water Rocket!

  1. Those days at the cottage. Lots of fun, lots of moments when I thought we might loose a couple of kids. Especially one in particular that always got injured. I’m sure you all know who I mean. We all lived through it, and now you are parents, hope you realize why we were just a little bit nervous. Good luck in the future, rock-on!

  2. Oh YOU GUYS are the inventors of Rocks?!? Coincidentally, MY brother and I are the inventors of “Stair-Tennis”. The only bad part about Stair-Tennis is that we only ever found ONE set of stairs where A) Stair-Tennis actually worked good & B) where we were surprisingly ALLOWED to play Stair-Tennis.

    That was a fantastic podcast. No trouble with that Mp3, and I really enjoyed it. If you can post the rules of “Rocks” somewhere, I’d like to teach it to my kids, but we’d definitely need to have a “Boss” so I’ll need those proper-rules, Doug… I believe one of the rules should be that “Dad is the boss” because right now my toddler actually says that GRANDPA is the boss!

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