SlugisDoug episode 46: CNDOP 3


Here is this year’s episode for the Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting. In this episode, I think about doing something then think better of it. There’s music too!

Direct link to MP3—> slugisdoug046



2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 46: CNDOP 3

  1. Thanks for the podcast. I’d probably be into that writer you talked about – I looked him up on Amazon, sounds good.

    I’m mostly into Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I also like some other stuff. Notably Ken Follet, especially his book “The Pillars of the Earth”. That’s historical fiction from back in the day that European Cathedrals were being built – I found it highly entertaining even though there’s sometimes as much anguish as you can really bear, but also extremely educational about what life was really like back then, much more so than any MOVIE I’ve ever seen! It’s really an incredible read, and there was a fantastic CBC mini-series based on it. Watch the mini-series if you can find it. THEN read the book. (Yeah, right, I know you won’t REALLY get time to read the book. It’s a big one too!) Try to watch the mini-series though, fairly graphic for CBC I must say!! But well-acted.

    I’m currently watching another followup Ken Follet-based TV mini-series, but this one is on SHOWCASE. It’s called “World Without End”, and it’s just stunningly good. I haven’t read that book, but it’s certainly on my list.

    Another amazing TV series is HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, based on a series of fantasy novels. It’s HBO, so beware that it’s pretty much R-rated, but it’s extremely well-done and it’s mega-popular so they have a huge budget for it.

    I have 2 big boxes of novels that I might never finish in my lifetime, especially because every now and again I’ll buy new ones that I see…

    My all-time favorite author is a Canadian, Guy Gavriel Kay. He writes Historical Fantasy. Gripping stuff, every time.

  2. Yeah, I have heard a lot about Ken Follet. My Mom seems to have really enjoyed his books and I remember one of my buddies reading The Pillars of the Earth. I will definitely have to check it out. I love that Historical based fiction.
    I haven’t seen the CBC mini series but have heard good stuff about that too.
    As for Game of Thrones, I have been delaying jumping on the bandwagon there. It just seems like the real “hipster” thing to watch right now for some reason, perhaps its being “too popular” has kept me from watching it. Though I thought the same about many other things, like Doctor Who or Firefly, and found out later that I wished that I had known about it before. So maybe a check out too!
    And I am going to add some Guy Gavriel Kay to my reading list as well.
    As for boxes of novels/books to read, I declared “bankruptcy” on that front a couple of years ago and got rid of them all in a garage sale. I figured that it would be better if someone else actually got to read the books instead of me just holding on to them and pretending that I would read them sometime in the future.

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