SlugisDoug episode 47: My “Music”


This is a short one. It is only 33 minutes.  I made some sketches of songs, recorded them and present them to you here for what it is worth. Hope you enjoy or at least don’t hate it.

I hope that you have a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it. Otherwise, Season’s Greetings.

Direct link to MP3 —>slugisdoug047


One comment on “SlugisDoug episode 47: My “Music”

  1. Wow, that was STIRRING stuff, Doug! That first short song 2 47 blew me away – gorgeous work, you wowed me! The vocal-atmosphere you created there is especially impressive. I’d love to hear more of that sort of thing.

    Thanks so much for sharing this podcast – I really needed to hear the love, the simple things, on a day like today. I listened to this after hearing about more madness in Boston with shootings, explosions, and crap. So thanks for waking me out of that false world and bringing me back into reality. I just want to deny that Boston violence, I really do. I want to wish it away.

    I’m not a huge fan of that particular Brian Eno song, but it was interesting. Better as background-music than foreground-music, for me. I think it made my synapses fire, though, lol.

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