SlugisDoug episode 49: Educational Drafty Balloon Ride


I recommend listening to this episode especially with earbuds or headphones for maximum enjoyment. It will be fine without, though you may miss some of the nuances of the mix.

I return after 3 months with an episode that quickly catches up on what’s up with me. Then I talk about two dreams that I recently had.



background music in part one:

  1. dizzy dizzy – can
  2. flight of the cosmic hippo – bela fleck
  3. my other lens is a leica – oootini
  4. a bursting yellow heart landed in the collapsible forest – atlastop
  5. in reference to time – benjamin dauer
  6. so this is how it ends – earsmack

background music in part two:

  1. voyage vers l’infini – david shombert
  2. everyone and everyplace is here – cold electric
  3. ten day interval – tortoise

Some links:

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The Cinesphere at Ontario Place

The film may have actually been North of Superior


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 49: Educational Drafty Balloon Ride

  1. Another great episode. Yes! I’m finally caught up. I’m really enjoying your stories and genuine delivery.

    Thanks for the kind words. It was great meeting you at PCTO2013 and having that time over beer to chat. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Remembering old times and new. Thanks for the pod caste, and the lovely words you put in about your parents. (I could not be more proud of you). P.S. Your High School is having a reunion this year. Maybe you could walk down that hall-way again.

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