Slug Daily 20130813

It’s all about context.


3 comments on “Slug Daily 20130813

  1. Thanks for what you said about my podcast. I always have this idea in my head that I should entertain people who happen to listen instead of just being honest about what is going on. I don’t know. Sometimes it is a nice escape from life to just fire up the recorder and talk about other things but then sometimes life just sneaks in there regardless. Then there are days I just draw a total blank. I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that the podcast is actually part of the process and not the final product. Maybe the final product is the benefit I get from getting it all out? Podcasting is a journey – that much I know!

  2. I agree with you Jason. It is difficult sometimes to let go of that feeling that one needs to entertain. Sometimes that is just what we want to do. I wish that I could make more whacky episodes of my long form podcast but I can’t always do that. What I have realized, through my addiction to “ramblecasts” is that all of it is, in some way, entertaining. I am like one of those (old) people that likes to just sit in the mall and people watch… or the nosey neighbour that wants to know what is going on with everyone else.

  3. I think that listening to “ramblecasts” helps me to feel like I am sane and normal – It’s not just me how has these crazy thoughts in my head… These kinds of podcasts are reassuring and never fail to make me smile.

    On the other hand, there are some podcasts where I just have a really hard time identifying with the person speaking. I usually just let those ones go while I hang onto ones like Doug’s. I like to listen to ppl who remind me of myself in some way.

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