Slug Daily 20131011

Doin’ laps to get gas. Insecure security. Listen man.

Created with bossjock studio!


One comment on “Slug Daily 20131011

  1. I made the gas/wallet mistake myself earlier this year. Luckily I wasn’t on the way to work, but it was only about 10min before the station’s closing time lol… Made it back in time to pay them, though! (It’s a small town with only one gas station.)

    My wife and I are disgruntled about that no-pin chip-card waving payment system too. I think I heard that you can go to your bank and set your card to be unreadable to those if you are worried. Convenience vs Security, can be a tough call for today’s busy parent, lol.

    According to Wikipedia, “there is a payment limit on single transactions and contactless cards can only be used a certain number of times before customers are asked for their PIN.”

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