SlugisDoug episode 51: Oven Ribs

I return to the long form of the podcast after many months to give you one of my favourite quick and easy rib recipes and some music too.

I hope that you enjoy it.

2013-12-05 15.01.07 51

Direct Link to the mp3


2 comments on “SlugisDoug episode 51: Oven Ribs

  1. I didn’t like it, Doug. You enjoyed berating my cooking-style way too much.

    ; )


    If I ever meet you, Doug, it’s going to go like this. “Nice to meet you – Where’s the ribs? And would it be too much to ask you for some bacon too? Thanks.”

    Then as I sit down to eat I’ll let you play Comin’ around the Mountain for me while you practice your waltzing.

    Heh. ha

    Okay, that would be weird. Thanks for the podcast, though. I like 30-minute versions, but a long one every here and there is a good thing too.

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