Slug Daily 20140404

The night I almost lost my parents.


One comment on “Slug Daily 20140404

  1. I just listened to this one and I totally disagree that anyone who has space for one podcast should listen to me and not you! I’m thinking less people need podcasts involving mowing and rambling about The Wonder Years. I was thinking of starting a petition to ban myself but I know I’m far too lazy to follow through.

    Seriously, I came here to write about the topic of this one and that is an amazing story of your parents. It sure makes you appreciate what you have when you have such a close call. I’ve thought quite a bit about how much warning we have now vs. basically the none they had back in ’74 and I still wonder, what good will the warning do if the big one is coming through? And then, I try not to think about that!

    Final thought – what a small world to connect over the miles via podcasting and me randomly talk about something that was a real part of your life. That is the power and the gift of this thing and I’m glad we’re both a part of it.

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